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Children Draw: A Guide to Why, When and How Children Make Art

by Marilyn JS Goodman
© 2018

Reaktion Books Ltd, London.
Distributed by the University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9781780239897


"Goodman's delightfully illustrated and highly accessible text celebrates our imagination.  In sharing her valuable insights, she reminds us that taking pencil to paper remains and essential human action.  This book will help adults nurture a child's personal development and expressive skills that will last their lifetime."

- Erika Sanger, Executive Director, Museum Association of New York


"With a passion for the magic and importance of early childhood drawing and painting, Marilyn JS Goodman successfully demystifies this complex activity, essential to children's development."

- Philip Matsikas, Fine Arts Teachers, the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools.


"Marilyn Goodman's love and respect for children is evident throughout this brilliant investigation of how and why children draw.  As an artist, an uncle, and a grown-up version of a boy who loved to make pictures, I wholeheartedly recommend this book to any adult with a child in their life as well as anyone interested in drawing and the many ways it functions for children during the various stages of their development." 

- Alexander Stadler, Author and Illustrator of the Beverly Billingsley series, the Julian Rodriguez books, and several other books for children.

Children Draw:  A Guide to Why, When and How Children Make Art

Publications and Productions

Children Draw:  A Guide to Why, When and How Children Make Art.  London: Reaktion Books Ltd. (and

distributed by the University of Chicago Press), 2018.


Manual Galería ActivART Fundación Ángel Ramos.  Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR), Santurce, PR.      Commissioned to develop and write a new 100-page educational manual with accompanying exercises and    

activities for children and young adults, based on selected works of art by distinguished Puerto Rican artists, 2015.


Towards NPS Inclusion and Diversity Strategy (Editor).  Report prepared for the National Park Service, US Department of the Interior, by Dudley Hamilton Associates, Inc., Englewood, NJ, 2010-2011.


Art Through Time:  A Global View.  Lead Content Developer and Writer for the 300-page downloadable college-

level textbook, instructor's course guide, and website entries of artworks to accompany this 13-episode video

series produced by Thirteen/WNET-NY for Annenberg Media, 2007-2010.


El programa de arte en la escula; Conexiones entre el arte y el curriculo; Transformar palabras en imágenes; and La ejecución y la evaluación formativa (translated by the Editor).  El arte llega a las aulas:  Guia

didáctica, EducAccíon, Periódico Mensuel del Proyecto El Comercio Va las Aulas (Quito, Ecuador), No. 211, October  2009.


Educación artística, cultura e indentidad (translated by Ana Steinitz, PhD).  Ananconda: Cultura y Arte, bi-monthly

international arts journal (Quito, Ecuador) , No. 20, April 2009.


Arteducarte:  Arte ecuatoriana para ninos (with Maria Consuelo Tohme).  Fundación El Comercio, Quito,

Ecuador, 2006.  Commissioned 114-page book focused on fostering critical and thinking skills in children by linking examples of Ecuadorian art with exercises related to the elementary school curriculum.


Objects of Desire.  Exhibition catalogue essay for artist, Mercedes Gertz, Galería Arte Idea, Mexico, DF, 2004.


El arte y la escritura (translated by the Editor).  EducAccíon, Periódico Mensuel del Proyecto El Comercio Va las

Aulas (Quito, Ecuador), No. 139, August   2003.


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Comune di Padova (Italy), Assesorato alle Politiche Scholastiche, 2002.


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Commissioned by Foro BSCH. (Madrid, Spain), 2000, 9, 1st quarter, 10 – 22. Excerpted and reprinted as Educar es

la nueva mision de los museos contemporaneos in  EduAcción, Periódico Mensuel del Proyecto El Comercio Va las

Aulas (Quito, Ecuador), No. 107, December 2000.


Aprendere con fotografia.  Giornale di Brescia (Italy), October 2000.


Go Guggenheim! Executive Producer and Co-scriptwriter of a 10-minute school orientation videotape produced and directed by Ultan Guilfoyle for The Sackler Center for Arts Education, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, 2000.


An Art of Pure Form:  Selections from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (with Juliet Sorce). Family Guide for the New York State Museum, Albany, 2000.


1900: Art at the Crossroads (Editor).  Curriculum Guide for New York City middle and high schools.  New York: Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, 2000.


Learning Through Art: The Guggenheim Museum Collection (with Natalie Lieberman).  New York: Solomon R.

Guggenheim Foundation, 1999.  Winner 2nd Prize, American Association of Museums National Publications  Competition.


Bambini D'Altrove:  Immigration Stories (Contributor). A 9-minute documentary video produced by the Comune di Padova (Italy), Settore Servizi Scolastici and the Settore Attivitá Culturali, Renato Roverato, Punto Immagine, Director, 1999.


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China: 5000 Years (Editor).  Curriculum Guide for Educators,  New York:  Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, 1998.  Winner 1st Prize, American Association of Museums Publications Competition.  For New York City schools and adopted for docent training at the Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA.


La educacion en el nuevo museo Guggenheim de Bilbao.  Revista de Museologia (Madrid, Spain)

 1997, 12,  October, 24 – 26.


Visual Arts Curriculum (Museum Education sections), Worthington, OH.  SRA McMillan McGraw Hill, 1996.  Intended for

     the California and Texas public schools.


Hola Mexico!  Executive Producer of a 15-minute video produced by Arturo Carvajal for Aprendiendo a traves del arte, Mexico, DF, 1996.


La Tradicion de la Nuevo:  Obras Maestras de la Coleccion Guggenheim 1945 – 1990 (Editor). Guide for Educators.  Bilbao, Spain:  Fundacion Museo Guggenheim Bilbao, 1996.


Africa:  Art of a Continent (Editor).  Curriculum Guide for Educators.  New York:  Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation,

1996.  For New York City schools and adopted for use in several Chicago, IL school districts.


Africa:  Art of a Continent (Executive Producer and Co-scriptwriter).  Interactive touchscreen kiosk located within the galleries during the exhibition.  New York:  Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, 1996.


No Stone Unturned.   Exhibition catalogue essay for Brazilian artist/designer Antonio Da Motta Leal, Stubbs Bookshop

and Gallery, New York, 1996.


Ondas Gertzianas.  Exhibition catalogue for artist Mercedes Gertz, Galería de Arte, Mexico, D.F., 1996.


Los Museos Guggenheim y el Arte de Este Siglo (Editor). Guide for Educators.  Bilbao, Spain: Fundacion Museo Guggenheim Bilbao, 1995.


Get to Know Your Kids!  Executive Producer of 15-second television spot with Galvin, Siegel and Kemper Agency.  Childrens Museum of Cincinnati (OH), 1995.


Numerous additional publications written and/or edited, and published by New York: Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation 1995 – 2000. Family Activity Guides, Mini-Guides, Educator Guides and newsletters.  Others written and/or translated for the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao (Spain), or reprinted by other institutions to accompany SRGM loan exhibitions

Documenting Community.  


Executive Producer of a 27-minute introductory videotape produced and directed by Alisha

Sams, and Editor of a curriculum guide for the New York City Public Schools, Brooklyn Children's Museum, New    

York, 1993.


Numerous catalogue essays written and published by the Philadelphia Art Alliance (PA), 1983‑1990.


Art Critic. New Art Examiner, monthly art journal, Chicago, IL, 1984 –1988.


Viewpoint.   Pennsylvania Arts Coalition News, September/October, vol. 1, no. 4, 1987.


Mitchell/Giurgola Architects. Catalog essay for the 1985 Hazlett Memorial Awards in the Visual Arts exhibition.   Harrisburg, PA: Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, 1985.


Contributing Writer and Art Critic.  Art New England, monthly art journal, Boston, MA, 1981‑83.


Contributing Feature Writer and Arts Critic, Worcester Magazine, Worcester, MA, 1980‑83.